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They are wonderful – fine women from all the social classes. They can be from working class or from the elite class .Are from all ages and all cultures. We are the only Agency , with Greek Celebrities Escorts. Among them you will find, Greek Porn Stars, Singers, TV Presenters and famous Greek models. Book today your Escorts or your call girls. Let us know if they are the best Greek Escorts. and Greek call girls the top Escorts and call girls of the world!

Greek Escorts and Greek call girls in Ancient Greece, were the first famous prostitutes of the world! They used to call them hetaeras or hetairai and they were not the typical form of prostitutes as we know it.  Escort Athens were not what we call these days paid companion, hostess,geisha, geisha girl,archaiccourtesans.

The differences between ancients Greek Escorts and Greek call girls, the Hetairai and the other forms of prostitution in ancient Greece.

Prostitution in ancient Athens was allowed to be practiced and completely legal, as long as the women were not official Athenian citizens. This became ever more popular during the time of Solon, He is credited to have funded many brothels filled with prostitutes who did not have Athenian citizenship.

Context: The symposium

short, the Greek Symposia was a drinking party for men in the elite class of Athens. This event was normally held in the adron , which was the man’s room in a Greek household. Activities at the symposia included drinking games as well as  the difference between genders and love. For entertainment, they would hire Mousourgoi (workers of the muses). which were women highly trained in the performing arts. If a man going to a symposia wanted a companion for the event, he would hire a hetaira.

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