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Celebrities Who Were Escorts Before Becoming Famous

6. Marilyn Monroe – The Original Bombshell

Norma Jean Mortenson, better known as Marilyn Monroe, was a blonde bombshell. The actress and singer exploded as a pin-up girl and sex symbol for the entire world. Before she sang “Happy Birthday” to President Kennedy, Monroe, at the tender age of 20, landed a modeling contract with Blue Book Modeling Agency. From modeling, Monroe moved on to acting. But Monroe didn’t break through right away and she posed nude for photographer Tom Kelley in 1949 for just $50.

With the eyes of directors and producers upon her, it was reported that Monroe used to “hang out” with the men of power in the entertainment business for $500 a day. In some of the Monroe biographies written, numerous claims have been made that Monroe admitted to going on dates with men in order to get a good meal or extra money to pay the rent.


5. Denise Richards – High-End Escort


Denise Richards is known as a sexual temptress who graced the movie and small screens with explosive roles in the 1990s. She was as hot as any leading lady around. She even rose to the status of “Bond Girl” for one of her epic roles. She also ended up marrying Charlie Sheen, but we’ll get to that soon. Before Richards ever appeared on camera, she worked for Heidi Fleiss at her highly secretive escort service

Richards was a high-end escort who was able to capitalize on her relationships with clients. It is no coincidence that Charlie Sheen was one of Heidi Fleiss’ best customers ended up in a relationship with Richards. The dots are easy to connect here, but after gaining favors with her clientele, Richards was finally able to break into Hollywood and left the escort business far behind her.


4. Raquel Welch – Adult Working Girl



Before Raquel Welch was a sex symbol in the 1960s, she went by Raquel Tejada. The young Welch was a sought-after beautiful escort who made excellent money. Welch originally moved to Dallas, Texas with her two children. There, she started a modeling career with Neiman Marcus and worked as a cocktail waitress on the side. While living in Dallas, high-profile officials were rumored to have paid for Welch’s services. Welch was making a very good name for herself as an escort and never had any issues taking her clothes of. In 1979, she dawned Playboy’s cover. As Welch found success in Hollywood, her days of hooking came to an end. However, men can still dream about her with her timeless spread in Playboy.


3. Joan Collins – London’s Calling



Joan Collins is a London born legend. Her acting career was launched back in the 1950s where she found some success in her native land. But when she moved out to the United States to get into the movies, Hollywood wasn’t as kind. Collins struggled early on to make ends meet and land roles. So, she did what many with a beautiful face and some name recognition do; she became a high-end escort. In doing so, Collins was able to forge relationships with producers and directors all throughout Hollywood as she met them in more intimate settings. After her career was launched, it was rumored that Collins became close with King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, who paid very well for her private services. Others have also stated that Collins was instrumental in helping Heidi Fleiss build her high-end prostitution empire. Either way, Collins has been very active in and around Hollywood.


2. Sophie Anderton – Modeling and Beyond



Anderton has been a reality TV specialist after her successful career as a model. The British beauty has also endured a great deal of issues with both alcohol and drugs. She would use her celebrity to prostitute herself, charging wealthy businessmen $15,000 an hour to help fuel her addictions. During the day she was drinking a bottle of vodka while at night she feasted on cocaine. When the coke would run out, she would sleep with more men to restock her stash.

She blames modeling for leading her down this dark path. “I’m not alone in going down this path. There is a dark side to the modeling work.” She is not the only model who has been pegged as a high-priced escort. It is widely reported than many models partake in this activity and command anywhere from $10,000-$40,000 a night!


1. Nancy Reagan – The “First” Escort



When I think about the former First Lady, Nancy Reagan, being an escort is not the first thing that comes to mind. The regal wife of President Ronald Reagan had Hollywood aspirations just like her future husband. Nancy Davis (prior to being Reagan) was an aspiring actress and when she arrived in Hollywood, struggled to get roles. She got a job as a “hostess girl.” Her job was to help wine, dine and entertain actors the studios wanted to recruit.

Davis dated several actors and gained a reputation in Hollywood prior to her meeting and eventually marrying, Ronald Reagan. Once she met Ronny, all the “escorting” came to an end.


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